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Pure Carbon range

Carbon AV Support shown in front of Levitate Plasma Support

Please call for availability of these specialist equipment supports. These supports are designed for the discerning Audiophile and will improve video and sonic performance. With sleek minimalist looks and the incredible rigidity, strength and the natural beauty of carbon fibre this range will impress in any room. 10mm toughened safety glass is used along with pre-tensioned carbon fibre uprights and stainless steel fixings. Either system can be increased in height by adding extra standard structural glass and a set of carbon fibre uprights. Use of our energy management enhancements with these supports is highly recommended with guaranteed results for sonic and video improvement - check out the Carbon Fibre Isolators. These enhancements to link the equipment to the shelf surface work incredibly well on these carbon based supports.

All Supports are flat packed for ease of transport and include allen keys+spanner for assembly, all bushes and fittings used in the construction are of the highest quality machine screw type for strong highest integrity connections.

Extended Carbon support

dimensions for Carbon Support

The Extended Carbon Support is a four tier based system with the option of adding tiers at the standard leg heights of 135mm and 200mm. Custom heights are available, please call for details and prices for options. Isolation Platforms and Floor Slabs can be added to improve energy management, these can be spike based or linked directly using carbon fibre connections. Click on the picture for more information (allow pop-ups in your browser)

10 times stronger than steel and with unique sonic characteristics

Carbon Fibre gives the ultimate performance for both audio and video based products.

Pure Carbon Fibre supports
Model HxWxD Pure Carbon Legs
Extended Carbon Support 545x770x570 869.00 UK£
Options Price
Extended Carbon 135mm Tier + 10mm structural glass (145x770x570) 210.00 UK£
Extended Carbon 200mm Tier + 10mm structural glass (210x770x570) 249.00 UK£
Download the instructions for the Carbon Supports here