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Energy Management upgrades for your supports


- these products really make a difference - with over 18 years worth of endorsements 

Carbon Fibre Isolators 13mm

the best value sonic upgrade around

Carbon Fibre Isolators offer an incredible benefit to your audio/video system which has to be experienced to be believed. After more than a decade of developement it had been proven that these uprades have made an significant difference to not only audio performance but video performance as well. Supplied in sets of three so equal contact is ensured for each CFI. The 13mm Carbon Fibres are suitable for equipment with feet measuring under 12mm in height. It is important to place them between the glass shelf and directly onto the chassis of the equipment bypassing the feet of the kit being treated. Click on the pictures for more information.

"Producing a tighter and more authorative sound - which can be enhanced even more when isolators are placed between the layers of glass on which the components rest, enabling you to upgrade forever." CFI - The Ultimate Hi-Fi & Home Cinema Guide.


Carbon Fibre Isolators 22mm

The 22mm high Carbon Fibre Isolators have been developed to cater for Hi-Fi equipment that has higher feet than the normal 12mm. It is important that the CFI bypass the existing feet on the equipment being treated. Supplied in sets of three so as equal contact is ensured for each Carbon Fibre Isolator - good consistant contact is vital for good energy management. Three times the height of carbon fibre is used in these increasing the effect.


"Sonically they provide a substantial boost to stereo imagery and fine detail. Musically they rock!" CFI - Hi-Fi Choice magazine


Isolation Shelf + 2 x CFI 13mm

Isolation Shelf is highly recommended to get the best from your equipment

Energy management equipment platform which will improve sonic performance using a combination of the above Carbon Fibre products. A 10mm Toughened glass shelf measuring 475 x 330mm is supplied together with two sets of Carbon Fibre Isolators, one set at 13mm high to go beneath the shelf and a second set placed directly under the chassis of the equipment being managed. Click on the pictures for more information.



Shelf Support Upgrade for Stands Unique supports

Upgrade your support to same interfaces as Reference range

Four Carbon Fibre Discs and precision machined brass inserts with height adjustable spikes are supplied. These are designed to directly replace the conventional brass insert that is supplied as standard. Using the Carbon Fibre in the 'energy path' really does pay off in terms of improving sonic performance, a must for any audiophile. Click on the pictures for more information.


Spike Feet

Spike Feet - one of the most useful items which help protect hardwood, laminate or any hard floor. Supplied as a set consisting of four solid brass then bright nickel plated discs to protect your floor. Two sided design - the discs can be turned to offer a different appearance. These also allow the support to be moved around for alignment whilst still maintaining the sonic benefits that spike contact gives. Once the spikes are levelled the points of all the spikes are positioned inside the machined holes of the Spike Feet this ensures good consistant contact, vital for good energy managment and security. Click on the pictures for more information.


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13mm Carbon Fibre Isolators

13mm Carbon Fibre Isolators energy management

Spike Feet are great for energy managment on hard floors

Spike Feet




Practical upgrades
Upgrade Price
Carbon Fibre Isolators 13mm high Set of 3 (CF13) 26.00 UK£
Carbon Fibre Isolators 22mm high Set of 3 (CF22) 35.00 UK£
Isolation Shelf 10 x 475 x 330mm + CF22 + CF13 110.00 UK£
Shelf Support Upgrade - for one shelf 39.00 UK£
Spike Feet (pack of 4)

16.00 UK£