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10mm Supports & Cabinets (discontinued)

10mm Chunky Sound Tower in Natural Ash with Floor Slab and Isoaltion Platform and Isolation Shelf

This range has been discontinued but we can still offer a limited range of accessories such as the 10mm Isolation Platform & Isolation Shelf to the top and optional 10mm Floor Slab to the base.

Our Chunky Sound Tower 10 was reviewed by What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision magazine in March 09 and was been given very positive comments:

"It's impressively built, very imposing and handles music capably - if you're after something that's going to last a lifetime, audition this."

What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision also wrote;

"Amazing build quality; great looks; fine detailing; smooth treble; fluid midrange"

see the complete review here:

All models feature 10mm glass throughout providing an even more effective and substantial 'energy managed' environment


Optional energy management enhancements are available.

For the true audiophile the sonic performance of the system can be further improved by use of the Shelf Support Upgrades.

The Transition Wall Supports are also recommended for this type of source for ultimate performance check for availablity.


Gallery & useful accessories for 10mm supports

10mm Extra Isolation Products

10mm Isolation for extra energy management

Options for both open and cabinet versions - see the accessories section for more choice
10mm Isolation Platform 116.00 UK£
10mm Floor Slab Platform 164.00 UK£
Shelf Support Upgrades 39.00 UK£
Carbon Fibre Isolators 26.00 UK£
Spike Feet - to protect your hard floor 15.00 UK£