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Practical upgrades for your supports


Spike Feet

Spike Feet - one of the most useful items which help protect hardwood, laminate or any hard floor. Supplied as a set consisting of four solid brass then bright nickel plated discs to protect your floor. Two sided design - the discs can be turned to offer a different appearance. These also allow the support to be moved around for alignment whilst still maintaining the sonic benefits that spike contact gives. Once the spikes are levelled the points of all the spikes are positioned inside the machined holes of the Spike Feet this ensures good consistant contact, vital for good energy managment and security. Click on the pictures for more information.




Practical Upgrades
Upgrade Price
Carbon Fibre Isolators - 13mm high Set of 3 (CF13) 26.00 UK£
Carbon Fibre Isolators - 22mm high Set of 3 (CF22) 35.00 UK£
Isolation Shelf - (10 x 475 x 330mm) + CFI22 + CFI13 110.00 UK£
Shelf Support Upgrade - set of four for one shelf 39.00 UK£
Spike Feet (set of 4 for four spikes on equipment supports) 16.00 UK£