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AV One speaker range

AV One 5.1 package Best Buy 2003

The AV One is highly acclaimed , the design includes an integral adjustable foot / wall hanging bracket for use as a main speaker, centre or high quality rear. Mounting bushes are included in the base of the pre stressed steel cabinets for use with the Stands Unique Speaker Support range. Speakers are available in five solid ash hardwood finishes; natural ash, natural cherry, mahogany, walnut and black ash matching with Stands Unique furniture. The AVOne is primarily designed for wall mounting maintaining very good dispersal characteristics due to the shape of the stressed steel cabinet and front hardwood baffle. Excellent depth of soundstage even when mounted on the wall is a key feature of these unusual speakers.

AV One's in natural cherry with matching Transition Wall Supports

"This truly is an inspired solution to the problem of ugly speakers on shelves. With the judicious use of a small subwoofer these could be used to create an excellent-sounding as well as excellent-looking home cinema speaker system."

Adam Rayner, Home Cinema Choice, April 2000
Read the full review of the AV One package here from the 2003 five star review.


Gallery & useful accessories for AV One speakers

AV One can take either oval or rectangular grille

Grille cover options rectangular or oval for AV One rectangular for Klarity and Kara in dark blue (almost black) fabric


state-of-the-art materials

Design element - pure kevlar cone and solid aluminium phase plug

Walnut AV Ones on matching Reflection Supports as rears in home cinema

Walnut AV One in a home cinema

matching centre speaker in Ultimate

Chunky Ultimate High Support with AV One Centre speaker in natural cherry

designed primarily for wall mounting

Wall mounted natural cherry AV Ones

walnut AVOne on Reflection supports

Walnut AV One on matching Reflection speaker support

AV Ones in natural ash as rears in home cinema

AV Ones in a home cinema

unique front baffle shape of the AV One

Natural cherry AVOne front on view

Kevlar Composite cone and a pre-stressed low resonance chassis with unique gold phase plug for the main driver. The soft dome tweeter uses a high efficiency Neodymium magnet system that delivers a fast and accurate transient response efficient impedance for easy driving at 6 Ohms with power handling at a nominal 70-120 watts Attractive surround sound loudspeakers with great aesthetics and style to match, they are a superb addition to any AV setup.

Stands Unique Speaker range - the whole range
AV One HxWxD  
Centre 495x185x110 240.00 UK£
Pair 495x185x110 459.00 UK£
5 Pack 495x185x110 1149.00 UK£
Klarity HxWxD  
Centre 475x185x215 459.00 UK£
Pair 475x185x215 920.00 UK£
Kara HxWxD  
Centre 370x185x165 240.00 UK£
Pair 370x185x165 459.00 UK£
5 Pack 370x185x165 1149.00 UK£
Options for the speaker range
Grilles - deep navy (almost black)
oval or rectangle for AVOne, rectangular is for Kara
20.00 UK£ each
Steel Reflection supports for AVOne, Kara and Klarity 215.00 UK£ per pair
Steel Reflection/etched glass supports for AVOne, Kara and Klarity 250.00 UK£ per pair
Carbon Fibre Reflection supports for AVOne, Kara and Klarity 355.00 UK£ per pair
Carbon Fibre Reflection/ etched glass supports for AVOne, Kara and Klarity 390.00 UK£ per pair