Stands Unique

Klarity speaker range

Klarity Centre in natural cherry in matching HighAV10

The Klarity is designed to give the optimum performance within the Stands Unique loudspeaker range with a most unusual pre-stressed steel chassis incorporating carbon fibre bracing, to give the best sounding performance from a compact audiophile component.

Speakers are available in five solid ash hardwood finishes; natural ash, natural cherry, walnut, mahogany and black ash matching with Stands Unique furniture.


bass reflex port to top of speaker cabinet

Offering an extended bass response via an increased cabinet size and a dedicated low frequency bass unit with separate mid range driver and high frequency tweeter. The Kalrity has been designed to fit the Stands Unique Ultimate High Supports and the AV10 range (as shown above in natural cherry finish). Ideal as a high quality centre speaker, main or rear effects speaker it has more realism to the sound due to it's three drivers. As with all the Stands Unique speakers the units include an adjustable foot/ hanging bracket for flexible positioning in the room . Mounting bushes are incorporated in the base of the steel cabinet for use with the Stands Unique Reflection Speaker Support range.

More bass for the size of the cabinet - all of the Stands Unique speakers are a bass reflex design utilising a port to increase the bass response over that of a conventional sealed box design. The enclosures are unusually designed from stressed steel and were developed to work with the custom made pure kevlar bass drivers and silk dome high frequency units, the crossover components are all custom made for the speaker using the highest quality components such as air-core inductors and 'Ansar' capacitors. Hand built quality such as this is a rarity these days.

Gallery & accessories for Klarity speakers

Speaker Range

Klarity as a centre speaker in AV10

Matching Klarity speakers around a walnut Ultimate High cabinet (grey tint sides & doors)

Ultimate High cabinet support with Klarity
centre speaker in walnut

Versatile Grille options

Rectangular Grille options for the Klarity (oval is an option for AV One)


pure Kevlar for a more rigid, lightweight cone so better response and a better sound

Design element - pure Kevlar cone and solid aluminium phase plug

Klarity Centre Speaker in Ultimate, Karas on Reflection speaker supports

Klarity in Ultimate High Support with Kara on Reflection speaker supports in natural cherry

Chunky Ultimate High Support shown with Klarity Centre speaker in natural cherry

Chunky Ultimate High support shown
with Klarity centre speaker in natural cherry


natural ash Klarity installed in a pelmet above projector screen for a high-end system

Klarity installed above projector screen

natural cherry Klarity in Ultimate High with Levitate Plasma support

Ultimate High with Klarity

Klarity on Reflection Support detail

Klarity bi-wire detail shown on Reflection speaker support

Klarity in natural cherry with Kara in natural ash both shown on matching Reflection supports

Klarity natural cherry & Kara in natural ash shown on matching optional
Reflection supports


Speaker range - the whole range at a glance
AV One HxWxD  
Centre 495x185x110 240.00 UK£
Pair 495x185x110 459.00 UK£
5 Pack 495x185x110 1149.00 UK£
Klarity HxWxD  
Centre 475x185x215 459.00 UK£
Pair 475x185x215 920.00 UK£
Kara HxWxD  
Centre 370x185x165 240.00 UK£
Pair 370x185x165 459.00 UK£
5 Pack 370x185x165 1149.00 UK£
Options for the speaker range
Grilles - deep navy (almost black)
rectangular for Klarity
20.00 UK£ each
Steel Reflection supports for AVOne, Kara and Klarity 215.00 UK£ per pair
Steel Reflection/etched glass supports for AVOne, Kara and Klarity 250.00 UK£ per pair
Carbon Fibre Reflection supports for AVOne, Kara and Klarity 355.00 UK£ per pair