Stands Unique

StemCD system

Leave the CD case on the wall...

This brilliantly different CD Storage system is wall mountable. The Stem allows access to your CD disc without removing the case from the support. It will help you keep things organised and protect the jewel case by leaving it on the Stem. The Stem can be mounted in a corner to help keep the discs aligned in a straight line or monuted above one another for mass storage.

Detail showing case being rotated

Detail showing case being rotated
to allow CD to be removed.

Be creative with the StemCD

Basic Stem CD

The clever Stem in action

Stem CD helps you to keep organised

Leave the case on the Stem to keep them safe

CD's are easily clipped in and out to load up

Model HxWxD  
Basic Stem CD 60x275x275 40.00 UKP