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Claritas 390A digital media server enclosure

The Claritas 390A enclosure uses the same fascia and side extrusion as the Claritas 390M enclosures and measures 390mm overall depth. Claritas 390A takes a full size motherboard and uses a microATX PSU (SilenX 320/350/400w microATX recommended) It can now utilise the quietest most efficient coolers available such as the Zalman 7000cu and the Mcubed Borg heatpipe passive cooler, in addition the case now has capacity for up to six hard discs, with a full size optical drive. A Microsoft Media remote control receiver can be adapted for internal mounting inside the enclosure whilst the dark blue drawer cover is IR transparent to allow the remote control to work.

"Ideal for very high capacity digital video/audio servers."

Available in either silver or black bright anodised case work or mixed silver and black if desired.


State-of-the-art bright anodised finish


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hand beaded resiliant bright anodised silver finish

Silver bright anodised finish

Black bright anodised fascia

Engraved drawer cover blue side lighting

Rear stainless steel panel of 390A

390A rear detail

6mm acrylic machined drawer cover

Push to open CD/DVD drawer

60mm diameter solid aluminium foot

390A foot detail

390A 3mm top removed

390A top removed

HDDP in side extrusion shown in 260 chassis

Optional Hard Disc Decoupling Platform in side extrusion

A pair of HDD decoupling platforms can be fitted infront of the motherboard

Pair of optional Hard Disc Decoupling Platforms inside 390 chassis

Claritas 390A Digital Media Server enclosure (no PSU)
Model Price Datasheet
Claritas 390A SILVER takes full size ATX mobo & microATX PSU - silver anodised finish 299.00 UK£
Claritas 390A BLACK takes full size ATX mobo & microATX PSU - black anodised finsih 299.00 UK£
Claritas Digital Media Server Enclosure PDF
Claritas Hard Disc Decoupling Platform - with fixing kit 19.95 UK£
HDDP instructions PDF
MCE IR mounting kit (requires IR receiver eye) 5.95 UK£
Claritas MCE IR mount kit PDF
Please note
Standard drawer cover is dark blue which is IR transparent - an optional silver cover is available (note: the silver is not infra-red transparent) Email or call 0121 288 2120 for more info on these remarkable products