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Claritas 260M compact digital media server enclosure

incredibly compact depth The 260M is designed to accomodate the more compact microATX motherboard with full height PC cards. A standard format microATX PSU is employed (not supplied). We recommend either Seasonic power supplies which are rated up to 300w or the SilenX 320 / 350 or 400w microATX supplies both types are very quiet with a slight preference to the Seasonic range under extreme load. All this in an enclosure measuring only 260mm deep. The 260M makes for an ideal 'client' based digital media machine. These higher power supplies and developments in 'heatpipe' technology for cooling the CPU and GPU by linking the processors with the enclosure chassis directly has meant this enclosure can now be used for more serious Media server systems. The design of the Claritas can even be used for Audio Power amplifiers with 'Tee-slots' engineered into the inside of the side extrusions to allow for 'power amplifier boards' to be bolted directly to the mass of the case for maximum heat dissipation. A Microsoft Media remote control receiver can be adapted for internal mounting inside the enclosure whilst the dark blue drawer cover is IR transparent to allow the remote control to work.


Claritas 260M in bright anodised silver


Claritas 260M silver anodised finish with dark blue drawer cover (silver is available but non-IR transparent) Click on any of the nine picture icons for more detail.


Sleek minimilist design

Silver anodised finish

Side lit drawer cover with blue led

Etched blue side lit panel

Rear stainless steel panel detail of 260M

260M rear view

Push to open drawer

Push drawer cover to open CD/DVD drive tray

solid stainless steel foot on 260M

Stainless steel foot detail

260M top removed typical fully built system - not included!

Top removed typical system fully built up

solid stainless high quality switch

Stainless steel power switch

chassis can easily be removed

Modular design for ease of build

HDDP in side extrusion shown in 260 chassis

Optional Hard Disc Decoupling Platform in side extrusion

Claritas 260M enclosure (PSU not included)
Model Price Datasheet
Claritas 260M SILVER enclosure takes microATX mobo & microATX PSU - silver anodised finish 275.00 UK£
Claritas 260M BLACK enclosure takes microATX mobo & microATX PSU- black anodised finish 275.00 UK£
Claritas Digital Media Server Enclosure PDF
Claritas Hard Disc Decoupling Platform - with fixing kit 19.95 UK£
HDDP instructions PDF
MCE IR mounting kit (requires IR receiver eye) 5.95 UK£
Claritas MCE IR mount kit PDF
Please note

Standard drawer cover is dark blue which is IR transparent - an optional silver cover is available (note: the silver is not infra-red transparent) Email or call 0121 288 2120 for more info on these remarkable products

260M Instructions download